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We created and founded this essay writing service because we were struggling when we were in college. It is not that we didn’t know the material; it is that we didn’t have enough time to complete our essays and written assignments. People overlook the fact that student fees are higher than they have ever been before, and to make some money, save money, and outright lower the amount of debt being accrued, most students need to work whilst in college or university, and that means not having time to write your essays. We needed essay writing services when we were in college and we couldn’t find them, so now we have built a team so we may offer them to modern students.

Aren’t Essay Writing Services Illegal In Our Country?

The answer is no they are not. People get confused because it is illegal to take the work of another and pass it off as your own, but with our essay writing service you are given full rights to the essay work you purchase. This means you can legally put your name to it, hand it in as your own, and even use it for commercial purposes if you wish. We can write your essays for you and you can use them as you wish. Some students put their names to our work and hand it in, and others use our work as a guide to help them create their own version of our essay.


Want To Know How To Lower Your Quote Price?

The first step is to get your assignment to us as quickly as possible. The sooner you get it to us, then the longer you can set the deadline for. A longer deadline means a lower price. Secondly, you can write a little bit of the essay yourself and save yourself money through ordering fewer pages. If there is a section or question that you can answer on your own, then leave that one off your assignment and let us do the rest. Thirdly, you can pick a lower quality standard if you want a lower quote. It will mean your work will not score as highly, but that is not often a problem for most average-performing students. Finally, use the discount codes we put on our website and on social media because they can save you a bundle.

Confidentially Producing - Top Quality Works

Our privacy policy means that we cannot disclose your purchase or your details to other companies. When you say, “write my essay” to us, you are saying it in secret. It is passed to your writer via a closed and secure network, and when the essay is completed it is sent to the email address of your choice.

Once You Are Happy And Satisfied With Your Essay, We Will Delete It From Our Servers.

This helps to ensure your essay is not resold and ensures it is not stolen. It also removes any evidence linking you to the essay in hand. That way, even if you were silly enough to tell your college that you used our essay writing service, there is no way they can find the essay we wrote on our servers (even with a subpoena). We take all of these steps and more to protect our student customers, which is why students come back to us term after term.

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